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Welcome to Vythiri park

Even for the uninitiated, Wayanad hardly needs any introduction.

The picturesque region with its un diluting hills, rivulets, green expanse, misty mountains and chilly weather nearly all year round, is a must visit for travellers out to soak themselves in nature's bountiful riches that Wayanad is renowned for. Along with its enchanting sights, the region's terrain offers the perfect settings for those with a yen for adventure tourism. If you want to experience adventure tourism in a real -life setting, head straight to the soon -to - be launched Vythiripark situated at Vythiri. Vythiripark location is a picturesque place surrounded by PWD Rest house, Vythiri town and NH - 766.

We zealously promote peace love and unity through educational and inspirational activities, thrilling rides and entertaining games. To foster constrictive, mental and physical confidence, mental and physical development and renewing of mind in relaxed environment too.

Excellent Entertainment

From exhilarating water rides to breathtaking live shows, we have what to offer all our visitors regardless of their age and personal needs.

Non-stop Fun

Whether you just want to have a great weekend or a truly unforgettable time at our amusement park, we guarantee an awesome amount of non-stop fun!

Affordable Prices

We maintain an affordable pricing policy for all our customers, allowing everyone to save a lot on visiting Vythiri Park and get access to other benefits.

Top-notch Food Service

We have many delicious food options to choose from during your visit. Our coffee shop and restaurant offer a variety of tasty dishes and snacks to cater to any palate.

our history

This is a story of who we are and where we came from.

Foundation first step

A project of V Sharp Promoters Pvt Ltd, which was formed with the aim of setting up projects in tourism and hospitality sector, Vythiri Park - Adventures and Holidays opens out on to National Highway 766.

Having a picture postcard backdrop, Vythiri Park is set amid the PWD Guest House, Good Shepherd hospital and Vythiri town. The site of the park makes it all the more irresistible since Vythiri situated 700 m above the sea level has a climate, which is a great deal cooler than the rest of the district.

Vythiri Park promises a clean environment coupled with a peaceful and friendly atmosphere for fostering love and affection, better bonding in family and relationships with the help of recreation and entertainment/edutainment. This ensures total well-being of individuals and families.

Soft-launching of park

The Adventure Park scheduled for inauguration during the first week of September will signal the first phase of the project, which has an outlay of *1,213.27 lakh (*12.13crore).

Based on preliminary and conservative estimates, attractive returns and repayment period of eight years have been forecast. V-Sharp Promoters Pvt Ltd, which was registered under the Companies Act as a private limited company, has procured around three acres in Wayanad. Another 3 acres will be procured by the company in the district shortly.

Grand Opening of park

Nail India Adventures Pvt Ltd, Pune is the masterbrain, which helped design all the rides and utilities. The operating systems, safety procedures and MIS and financial control systems too were conceived by the team.

What We Offer


Looking for a great time?

Vythiri Park can give you an unforgettable summer holiday experience.